Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to my blog

Since this is brand new as of today I am just letting you know I'm here. My latest book, "Ross the Reader and the Great Balloon Race" for which I did the illustrations, came out April 20th (available at the link below). As with most books and creative projects, it is always a journey in the process of creation. I ventured into new territory in that all of the artwork (with the exception of the sketches and dummy), page layouts and text setting were done in photoshop by me. I have done computer graphics for over 25 years but this was a new challenge. I invite you to comment on the pros and cons of doing work like this on a computer as we all embrace the changes that technology throws at us on a sometimes daily basis. Also, any comments or questions about my work are welcome. 

Below is a link to the paperback book listed through Amazon:


  1. great chinese art, however am deeply offended that no pandas are pictured!

  2. You have a very creative style--keep it up!!